Numeric shaping & 3D printing solution for podiatry


A digital response respecting podiatrist specific expertise


An exclusive & customisable tool dedicated to foot professionals

than a product

An open, smart & agile start-up base on research and innovation

An organisation providing a performing, modular and autonomous R&D structure

An automated management process developed specifically for podiatrists

A perfect mastery of our production capacity for an optimal quality

An attentive team for a fully costumizable solution

Strategic partners to reach our common objectives

The only solution offering full freedom to therapeutic practice

  • 3D Scanner

    Photogrammetric 3D acquisition tool, allowing digitalisation of the patient footprint in charge or discharge position. Accuracy: epidermal texture - Remarkable points

  • Laptop

    All-in-one mobile device allowing consultation and modification of patients data after footprint digitalization. Plug & play connection with the 3D scanner

  • 3D Application

    Intuitive 3D modelling application allowing to apply therapeutic correction, locally or to the whole insole before printing. Accuracy: 10th of a millimeter

  • Dedicated 3D printer ferm

    Your dedicated and automated production tool to print your patients 3D orthosis. FDM type printer. Accuracy: 10th of a millimeter

A foot orthosis made to measure from a numeric footprint using 3D printers

for podiatrists


In footprint acquisition
In modeling and fabrication
Reproducibility of several identical orthotics pairs


A mobile solution for a better accompaniment of certain typologies
Enhance therapeutic approach and patient relation
Benefit from our research laboratories and partner’s support

Time saving

Faster footprint acquisition
Faster modeling and fabrication
Facilitation of logistic and patients management (dedicated ERP/CRM)


Consistent time reduction
Enhance financial profitability
Optimize storage logistic

Design & Fabrication

Adapt orthosis design to therapeutic behavior
Keep control your therapeutic and improve the orthosis
Facilitate diagnoses management and patient follow-up

for patients

- Benefit from a real made to measure device

- Being equipped faster

- Benefit of a better therapeutic approach

- Improve the quality of the relation to the practitioner

- Easily access several made to measure orthotics pairs

- Directly benefit from therapeutic breakthroughs due to innovation

- A mobile solution to ease health access for certain patient typologies

- An insole suitable for women shoes (1mm thick)


They accompanied us, still do and contribute to our strategical, technological & therapeutic performance:


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